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Trailhead City
Window Cleaning

Trailhead City Window Cleaning's owner, Ryan, stands on a ladder in front of an A-frame cabin home and reaches across to clean a window

Professional window cleaning services

Protect and extend the lifespan of your glass with routine window cleaning. We service residential buildings up to three stories to help improve the clarity of your view, protect your glass, and keep your home feeling clean.

Other Services

Gutter Cleaning

Don't let your gutters overflow during the rainy season! We hand clean and clear all gutters and drain pipes, and take care to clean up the messy debris before we leave.

Moss Control

We treat moss to prevent spreading and reproduction which kills it off and clears your roof long term. All without the damaging effect of high-powered pressure washing.

Holiday Lights

Enjoy the holiday season without the hassle of hanging your lights! We will test, measure and install your lights and return in January to take them down for you.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Just like window glass, solar panels can accumulate debris over time that blocks light from passing through. Keep your solar panels clean and clear with routine cleaning so you can maximize the sunlight and your investment.

Drainage Maintenance

If you've invested in an underground drain system to divert water away from your home, routine clearing will help keep it working smoothly and efficiently by clearing out debris clogs before they cause water to backup and pool along your foundation.

Pressure Washing

Your driveways and walkways are one of the most visible areas of your home. Over time, moss, algae, mold, or unwanted spills can build up on the surface. Improve your curb appeal and protect your concrete surfaces with professional pressure washing services.

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Our company values

Professional Service

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured so you can feel confident in our services.

 Your time and investment is valuable. We are committed to providing you the best possible experience through friendly and clear communication, timeliness and quality work.


We use safe, nontoxic cleaning products that won't harm you, your pets, or your gardens so our cleaning doesn't end up doing more harm than good. Our glass washing solution is even EPA Safe Choice Certified so you have nothing to worry about!

Attention To Detail

We take pride in our work and pay close attention attention to the details.

 We guarantee all of our services, so if you're not satisfied with something, reach out to us. We'll work hard to make it right.

Local Business

We're a locally owned company operating within our own neighborhood and nearby towns. We believe in giving back to our community through annual volunteer days and gift card donations to local organizations.

About Us

Hi there, We're Ryan and Kenzi

We began Trailhead City Window Cleaning in the summer of 2021 after Ryan finished a 12 year career of working on maintenance teams in the Seattle area, desiring to work on something more independently. Since that first summer, we have expanded our services to include gutter cleaning, moss treatment and prevention, and holiday light installation after listening to the needs of our clients.  

Ryan is primarily out serving our clients' home maintenance needs, while Kenzi works behind the scenes on marketing and online customer service, though you'll occasionally see her rolling up her sleeves in the field from time to time as well!

The name Trailhead City Window Washing was inspired by our love of where we live and the neighbors within it. Issaquah, WA, who's nickname is Trailhead City, has been our home for four years now and we couldn't be happier to live in and serve our local community. During our free time, you'll often find us exploring the many trails, parks, and waterways of Issaquah and eastern King County with our dog, Jade. 

In everything we do--business practices, personal hobbies, and more--we take great care and consideration of the effect our actions have on people and planet. All of the products we use at Trailhead City Window Cleaning are people-, pet-, and planet-safe and our primary cleaning solution is EPA Safer Choice Certified for your peace of mind.

Ryan & Kenzi Zimmer  
Owners of Trailhead City Window Cleaning